Pakistan Online Visa System (POVS)

Applying for E-Visa Online:

‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Government of Pakistan has launched online visa system from February 2021 everyone who intends to travel apply online visa by above mentioned web address.

• Open your account/ make new account, add required document for E-visa application and submit.
• After attaching all required document and submission you will receive a message with reference number of the application on your E-mail address
• After approval you will receive message of granted visa by Nadra.


• Passport possessing minimum validity of six months along with its photocopy.
• Visa application form – duly completed.
• Copy of Bulgarian Identity Card/Lichna Karta
• 2 x latest Snapshots.
• Copy of Passport/ID Card of the relative in Pakistan.
• Copy of marriage certificate/family registration document.
• Certified affidavit of spouse accompanied by Pakistani passport and CNIC copies.
• Visa Fee according to type of visa mention in the application


√  National of other countries visiting Bulgaria are advised to apply for visa at the Pakistan Embassy in their respective country. Third country citizens who possess Bulgarian residence permits can apply after complying with similar modalities.

√  Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports of the Republic of Bulgaria need visa for visiting Pakistan