80 competitors from Bulgaria, Pakistan, Egypt, Romania, Spain and Greece kick-started their squash year with an international tournament at the Fireball Sports Hall. After 305 games witnessing some tough battles, Georgi Yanev, Alexander Alexandrov and Anelia Dukova won the gold medals in their respective categories.

The International Squash Challenge Tournament (ISCT) was organized on Saturday January 11, 2020 under the patronage of the Embassy of Pakistan in Sofia and with the support of Isostar, Tecnifibre, Karakal and Multisport. The players were greeted at the inauguration ceremony with bread, salt and honey, and the Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan, Marwan Alex Ayyash, addressed the participants thus: “Welcome to the ISCT 2020, an initiative of the Embassy of Pakistan and the Fireball Sports Hall. Squash is a sport with serious traditions, especially in my home country, which has been at the top for decades. I am glad that squash is gaining popularity here in Bulgaria as well and we can hold such a large scale event.”

The ISCT tournament also had a charity initiative. Funds from the donation campaign will be channeled by For Our Children Foundation to families in need in Bulgaria.

Inauguration Ceremony


Group C

Alexander Alexandrov was relentless in Group C of the tournament, not losing a single game in his four matches in the qualifying group and the four of the elimination phase – a perfect 16:0 game and a gold medal! Georgi Doichev gained the silver, and the podium was completed by Bozhil Bozhilov and Csaba Demeter.

Alexandrov won the Karakal RAW 110 racket, a sports bottle and a Multisport towel, an Isostar package and more awards from the tournament sponsors.

The winners in Group C: Alexander Alexandrov, Georgi Doichev, Bozhil Bozhilov and Csaba Demeter were awarded by the Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan, Marwan Alex Ayyash

Winners in the groups:

Group А: Pavel Petkov
Group B: Csaba Demeter
Group C: Ivan Ivanov
Group D: Alexander Alexandrov
Group E: Pavlin Gergov
Group F: Bozhil Bozhilov
Group G: Georgi Doichev
Group H: Ivaylo Ivanov


Pavel Petkov – Martin Galabov 0:2
Csaba Demeter – Ivaylo Kubratov 2:0
Ivan Ivanov – Kristian Krastin 0:2
Alexander Alexandrov – Georgi Budinov 2:0
Ivan Valentinov – Pavlin Gergov 0:2
Petko Petkov – Bozhil Bozhilov 1:2
Stefan Stoyanov – Georgi Doychev 0:2
Nikola Sidjimov – Ivaylo Ivanov 0:2


Martin Galabov – Csaba Demeter 1:2
Kristian Krastin – Alexander Alexandrov 0:2
Pavlin Gergov – Bozhil Bozhilov 0:2
Georgi Doychev – Ivaylo Ivanov 2:0


Csaba Demeter – Alexander Alexandrov 0:2
Bozhil Bozhilov – Georgi Doychev 0:2


Alexander Alexandrov – Georgi Doychev 2:0

Groups A & B

Georgi Yanev manifested that he is in excellent condition and deservedly won the gold in the advanced group. Like Alexandrov did in the lower group, Yanev did not concede a single game, neither in the groups nor in the elimination phase.

Georgi Yanev secured the coveted trophy, the Tecnifibre Grand Prize, Isostar and Multisport promo packages and a plethora of other awards from the organizers.

The winners of the tournament with the organizers of the Embassy of Pakistan and Fireball and the For Our Children Foundation

Group winners:

Group А: Stoyan Marinov
Group B: Yordan Dimitrov
Group C: Stefan Harbov
Group D: Georgi Yanev


Stoyan Marinov – Vasil Karpachev 2:0
Georgi Hristov – Yordan Dimitrov 0:2
Stefan Harbov – Alex Lupu 2:0
Georgi Yanev – Krasi Kraev 2:0


Stoyan Marinov – Yordan Dimitrov 1:2
Stefan Harbov – Georgi Yanev 0:2


Georgi Yanev – Yordan Dimitrov 2:0


In the ladies group, Anelia Dukova was number one again. After a successful semifinal against Tsvetlena Dimitrova and winning the final against Maria Gencheva, Dukova won the gold medal once again. The young hopefuls made a good impression – silver for Maria Gencheva and bronze for Tsvetlena Dimitrova and Simona Spasova – they proved that ladies squash has a bright future and will go from strength to strength.

Anelia Dukova with a trophy and a gold medal


Anelia Dukova – Tsvetlena Dimitrova 2:0
Maria Gencheva – Simona Spasova 2:1


Anelia Dukova – Maria Gencheva 2:0

Source: https://www.fireball.bg/